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Moving Tips

Here is a list of moving tips, to make your move go as smoothly and fast as possible
  • Making sure everything that can fit in a box, goes in a box is very important. The more prepared you are, the more money YOU save.

  • Labels on boxes are very important. Putting them on the side will make it easier for us to see, so that when it is on a hand-truck load, all boxes are easily identifiable.

  • As much as we love the fact that people recycle boxes, buying new, uniform boxes makes stacking the truck easier and faster. Trying to load a bunch of random used boxes takes more time and effort.

  • Please empty the contents of all furniture you own. Although the crew will be strong enough to carry everything you own, the furniture may not be. Also furniture was meant to be moved empty, so we can not insure anything that is full, so please pack it all in boxes.

  • If you need help packing some last minute items, please don't be afraid to ask, we WILL NOT bring packing materials unless requested, we don't want to have extra things in the way when loading the truck. We want to be as efficient as possible.

  • If there is a piece of furniture that is really important to you, please let us know. Even though I promise the crew sent out to you is very qualified, things do happen. We would would prefer to know if something is a family heirloom, or has sentimental value.

  • Any light colored furniture can, and will be shrink wrapped, we charge $5.00 per item. If you would like the fee waived, we suggest that you buy your own shrink wrap. We would also like to mention, that the larger rolls are preferred, so that we can save time, and make sure we have enough to go around. you can easily find them at a public storage, or a u-haul.

  • Shrink wrapping mattresses is a pain. It's time consuming and takes a lot of materials. Alternatively you can provide a mattress bag for us, or we can bring one on request, just let us know 

  • If there are items that you do not want us to move, please mark them accordingly. Painters tape is a very good way to do it, or simply separating it from the rest of your items.

  • If there is anything you need loaded last, let the crew know. We are willing to work with you, and understand things need to be accessible right away ie; cable box, dog kennel etc. We are definitely willing to do this and don't mind.

  • Sometimes, due to the amount of items, our estimate might we a little off. All people are different and we will try and let you know if it is going to go above the estimate. A supplemental estimate may be asked to be signed, we legally have to as a moving company before we can continue work.

  • When providing information for an estimate, a few things are good to mention. It would help us to know; how many kids to have, how long you have lived at the residence, and how furnished your household is. All of these things can affect how much you have, and how long a move ends up taking.

  • Most estimates will be non-binding, the job will be able to be charged at 125% of the original estimate. If the crew decides that the estimate is incorrect they will let you know before they have you sign the supplemental estimate. If you choose not to sign, the crew is forced to unload items ASAP.

  • As much as we love pets and children, having them around might not be best during a move. We would appreciate if you could find an alternative to having them there during the move. We do understand if you cannot and will be able to work around them if it comes down to it.

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